The Tīpene Graduate

What is the Tīpene Graduate?

These are the character attributes developed through St Stephen’s School | Tīpene. We believe they will enable our graduates to thrive as they enter the world as strong, proud Tīpene alumni backed by the Tīpene Graduate values.


Understanding and connection to whakapapa and tūrangawaewae is paramount to paving students’ journey of learning and self- discovery, acknowledging the people who have gone before.

Tikanga Māori

Ability to uphold Māori values and lead a life centred around Tikanga Māori. Identity, language and culture are embedded in learning tauira have a strong sense of their identity as Māori.

Virtues & Ethics

Follows the broad ethos of Anglicanism and upholds timeless values: honesty, respect, spirituality, justice, compassion and stewardship, to lead a virtuous life.

Educational Excellence

Learners are encouraged to participate across all facets of education and kaiako engage students in a way that inspires and enables learners to excel within and beyond the classroom.


Willing to help and give back to others and the environment with the wellbeing of all in mind. Asking oneself not what can I take from the world, but what can I contribute to society?


The ability to empower and influence in positive ways by action or example, fostering the development of others and translating a vision into reality.

Personal excellence

The continuing desire to develop and enrich their character, gifts, talents, skills and relationships to be the best they can be, with the desire to succeed in everything they set out to achieve.


Having the mental, emotional and moral strength to
endeavour, persevere, and confront adversity with the ability and capacity to resist obstacles and adapt to
changing circumstances.


Confidence in personal character, strengths, weaknesses, abilities,
values, belief system and emotions, enabling an uncompromising set of morals and ability to approach situations with clarity.

Fit for Iwi aspirations

Equipped to actively contribute to the goals and objectives of their iwi. Learners are aware of their roles and responsibilities as a whānau member, on the marae and within iwi and community.