Life at St Stephen’s


While rangatahi tāne | young men excel in various types of educational institutions, schools for boys place care and attention on learning that not only addresses academics but also fosters the development of tama ki te tane | males into men, who are ready to contribute to their society.

We understand tāne

Our kaiako | teachers adopt teaching strategies that address learning styles in which boys tend to respond well to. We understand the complex transition from young boys to young men preparing for life beyond school. We strive to support the needs and aspirations of each
tauira, helping them navigate their journey towards greatness.

We seek first to build good character

St Stephen’s | Tīpene recognizes that nothing is more important than the essential goal of building good character. In addition to pursuing academic achievement, we prioritize all aspects of hauora | health and wellbeing:

Taha hinengaro

Mental and emotional wellbeing

Taha tinana

Physical wellbeing

Taha whānau

Social wellbeing

Taha wairua

Spiritual wellbeing

Giving care and attention to these aspects ensures that each tauira achieves his best and can thrive in all areas of self.

We help tāne become self-aware and help them make responsible choices and live a virtuous life. Our commitment to character is seen here in our focus on the Tīpene Graduate.

We teach in ways that tāne learn best.

Our kaiako have made a conscious decision to teach tāne and take the time to tailor lessons according to the interests and talents of tauira.

We guide tāne in discovering and exploring their full potential.

Our kaiako create an uplifting environment that allows each boy to explore a range of interests and activities, and harness individual skills and talents, without the pressures a co-ed school can often present.

We enable tauira to foster lifelong friendships beyond kura.

With intimate class sizes and working together in collaborative environments whether it be in the classroom, on the sports field, or in a performance, St Stephen’s tauira are united by a special bond – a brotherhood: Tīpenetanga

Our Ethos
St Stephen’s and Queen Victoria Schools take pride in their history of crafting generations of accomplished young Māori men and women. Our kura establish an environment that elevates rangatahi through providing an equitable education model with a deliberate goal to ensure rangatahi Māori excel. We work alongside whānau and community to help shape young leaders who are fit for the aspirations of iwi, are connected to their whakapapa and tūrangawaewae, and who are empowered to give back to their community.

We provide a holistic approach to education through an integrated curriculum which features: foundation teaching, leadership skills, and blending elements of Māori concepts and Anglican values to curate well-rounded young leaders. We give care to developing the skills and character of our tauira | students to prepare them for the future. They learn to be confident, courageous and self-assured, backed by a set of SSQV instilled values.

Our kaiako | teachers are dedicated to giving attention to each student and understanding them as individuals. Our kaiako always aim to inspire tauira to be the best they can be and do the best they can do.

In line with our holistic approach, we offer a range of subject options to tailor a curriculum that caters for each student. Further to our in-class offerings, SSQV kura encourage a wide range of extra-curricular activities. Our kura believe learning

Our strong, proud network of alumni and alumnae gives SSQV graduates access to life-long connections of Old Boys and Old Girls, providing additional close-knit support in life beyond school.

Pastoral Care

What is pastoral care in schools?

Pastoral care is the measures a school takes to ensure the physical and emotional wellbeing of tauira | students, and is essential to enable learning to take place. At St Stephen’s | Tīpene, pastoral care extends to every aspect of school life in order to foster the personal development of our tauira alongside their academic progress.

Why is pastoral care important?

We ensure tauira are safe and happy at school. Tīpene recognises that education and wellbeing are closely linked, and studies have shown that students with good health and wellbeing are likely to achieve better academically. Good pastoral care in kura is also fundamental to character building and development of social skills, critical to life within and beyond school.